Prayer for Family and Friends of an Addict

From Catholic Charities of Southwest Kansas City

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O, dear Lord, to you I pray
Watch over my addict by night and day.
On his/her shoulders he/she carries a heavy load
Traveling along life's bumpy road
Life is hard enough with the normal day to day
Add the disease of Addiction, and the piper you pay
The turmoil, the struggle, to stay sober and clean
Truly, a battle to survive, giving up on your dream
Take him/her by the hand, let your will be done
Help him/her learn how to have good clean fun
Through prayer and self-help groups, let him/her learn how to cope
No pills, no drugs, no alcohol or dope
An addict is and will always be
But working those steps leads to Recovery
Help him/her be honest, open and willing in life
Guide him/her through all the struggles and strife
God, just for today, one day at a time
Ease his/her suffering, help him/her find peace of mind
And Lord, help those that love him/her understand
Just how easy things can get out of hand
Help me remember that Addiction is a disease
Keep him/her in my prayers when I'm down on my knees
Bless his/her brothers, sisters, friends and sponsors
They help him/her live sober, just for today
Please help the addict that still suffers to find the way
Lord, in your name, this I pray.

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