Reflection on Doctors' Day- March 30

On this Doctors’ Day, let us reflect on what it means to be a “healing presence.”

It is a call …

To listen more than we speak
To remain calm even when others are in chaos
To stay clear and focused even when no clear direction is apparent
To value people exactly as they are and not as we think they should be
To be with people who are suffering, rather than trying to have all of the answers or explain that which ultimately is “mystery”
To let go of the temptation to show only the clinical and professional side and hold back the personal and human side of caring

Healing presence is not about doing something, it is about being present. And, when we enter this vulnerable state of simply being with another person who is in pain or in sorrow, we experience the healing power of God.

Let us pray …

Good and gracious God,

You are the source of all healing. In you we have a share of the wonderful ministry we call “healing presence.” Today, we honor physicians for the excellent care they give and how they serve as role models for others. We know what we truly celebrate is the way your grace moves through each of them to reveal your healing touch, your compassionate glance, your consoling words. Bless them in a special way today and strengthen them so they might continue to be your healing presence to others.

Bless the patients and their families who will come to them. In their vulnerable state, they need to feel you are with them. Through the respect, dignity and compassion shown to them by their physicians, may patients and families experience your divine presence. We ask this in the power of your Holy Name. Amen.