Mission Overview

CHA provides numerous resources and annual in-person educational programs and webinars to help members sustain their commitment to the ideals, values and vision of Catholic health as a ministry continuing Jesus’ mission of love and healing.

For more information about CHA's work in mission integration, contact Brian Smith, MS, MA, M.Div., CHA senior director of mission innovation and integration.
Pope Francis“We are called to serve the crucified Jesus in all those who are marginalized, to touch his sacred flesh in those who are disadvantaged, in those who hunger and thirst, in the naked and imprisoned, the sick and unemployed, in those who are persecuted, refugees and migrants. … There we find our God; there we touch the Lord.”
- Pope Francis, World Youth Day at Krakow's Blonia Park, July 29, 2016

During a visit to Prokocim University Pediatric Hospital, July 28, 2016, during World Youth Day festivities, Pope Francis observed how the Gospel gives many examples of Christ's going out to meet and embrace the sick and offered his encouragement to all medical professionals, chaplains and volunteers who have made it a “personal life decision” to respond to the Gospel's call to “visit the sick,” saying, “May the Lord help you to do your work well, here as in every other hospital in the world … May he reward you by giving you inner peace and a heart always capable of tenderness.”